Commercial Concrete Contractors Ontario

When compared with residential concrete, commercial concrete tends to have greater demands placed on it in terms of structural performance and general durability.

Commercial floors usually require high-performance finishes or coatings that can withstand heavy foot traffic, abrasion and stains, making them easier to maintain. They must be slip resistant to avoid injuries and easy to clean.

Concrete floors in high visibility retail stores, outlets or restaurants sometimes request special decorative treatments to attract attention or convey a certain atmosphere. Often they are colored or patterned to direct the eye or improve traffic flow. Epoxy coatings are a popular choice for decorative flooring installations in high-traffic retail facilities because of its durability and design versatility, one of the newest trends in commercial concrete floor coatings are metallic epoxies, which give concrete floors a dazzling metal-like patina.

High-gloss polished concrete floors are still the most popular in commercial and retail facilities because of their reflection of overhead lighting and brightening of indoor spaces, a few other benefits of polished concrete is its durability, abrasion resistance and low maintenance costs.

Concrete parking lots are a good investment for commercial facilities due to their easy maintenance,  longer life span and its tremendous superior support of heavier vehicle loads opposed to traditional asphalt parking lots.