Agricultural Concrete Flooring

Agricultural structures often place more stress on floors than other traditional concrete applicaions.

To obtain the best performance from your floors it is important to consult with professionals such as ourselves who will work with you to understand the full particular details of your project, and help to determine the exact specifications required for your unique needs.

We have have an extensive understanding of all the underlaying demands of Agricultural installations, and how to place and finish our concrete for each individual circumstance. Our quality concrete applications have proven themselves to be strong, durable, dense, water-tight and resilient to Ontario’s notorious freeze-thaw action, which can be one of the most destructive agents to concrete floors and pads.

Agricultural structures such as a chicken, hog, milking barn or feed bunk depend upon floors being resistance to chemical action and abrasion, but with proper placement, finishing and curing you can be assured a superior and long lasting concrete floor or barnyard pad.